Win Tickets to see Josh Turner at Norsk Høstfest

This year’s Norsk Høstfest has an incredible lineup of entertainment! Friday, October 4th will feature country star Josh Turner and winner of The Voice, Danielle Bradbery.

Josh Turner has sold more than five million albums and garnered four #1 hits: “Your Man,” “Would You Go With Me,” “Why Don’t We Just Dance” and “All Over Me” while at 16 years old, Danielle Bradbery became the youngest person to win The Voice!


For a chance to win a pair of tickets to this concert, please leave a comment below with your favorite Josh Turner or Danielle Bradbery song. A winner will be selected and notified (via email) on Monday, Sept. 29th.

UPDATE: Congrats to our blog winner Evelyn H.

For more info on upcoming Høstfest festivities, visit

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104 Responses to “Win Tickets to see Josh Turner at Norsk Høstfest”

  1. Kalli Black Says:

    Heart of Dixie – Danielle Bradbery =)

  2. Paige Phillips Says:

    Time is Love

  3. LIsa Klingman Says:

    Long Black Train!! 🙂

  4. Casey Grigsby Says:

    Your man- Josh Turner
    Please pick me husband and I NEED a date night

  5. Christy Schultz Says:

    Why don’t we just dance

  6. Mandi Iverson Says:

    Long Black Train 🙂

  7. Lauren Says:

    why don’t we just dance. And heart of Dixie !

  8. Heidi Nordstrom Says:

    Why don’t we just dance?

  9. Elly DesLauriers Says:

    Heart of Dixie! I would love to take my five year old daughter. She loves music and is a big fan Danielle Bradbery!

  10. Stefani Says:

    Your Man- Josh Turner

  11. Jennifer Eli Says:

    Your man ~josh turner
    The heart of Dixie~ Danielle bradbery

  12. Danielle Petewrsen Says:

    Danielle Bradberys version of Grandpa (tell me bout the good ole days). She performed it on the voice just days after i lost my grandpa! So it will always be a favorite of mine!!

  13. Lauren copenhaver Says:

    josh turner why don’t we just dance

  14. Molly Says:

    Your man!!!!

  15. Alyssa E Says:

    Time is love!

  16. ashley Says:

    “would you go with me?!” to the hostfest?

  17. Maren Larson Says:

    Your man!

  18. Tonia Says:

    Why don’t we just dance!? 🙂

  19. Josh Says:

    Danielle’s cover of Maybe It Was Memphis on The Voice and Why Don’t We Just Dance for Josh Turner!

  20. Jessica Says:

    Josh Turner_ Why don’t we just dance!

    It is my mom and I’s favorite song. His deep voice is so sexy. Plus October 4th is my 22nd birthday! 😉

  21. Jill McLemore Says:

    Soulmate by Josh Turner was our first dance song at our wedding.

  22. Jessie Seideman Says:

    Your Man – Josh Turner

  23. Jenda Says:

    Why don’t we just dance- Josh Turner

  24. Andrea Says:

    Danielle bradberry is my 6 year old daughters favorite!! I would love to take her!

  25. Jodee Heimdal Says:

    My two favorite songs from these artists are…

    Josh Turner: Long Black Train
    Danielle Bradbery: Young in America

    Two great artists that I would love to see!! Thanks for the chance to win tickets!

  26. Tiffany Says:

    Why don’t we just dance

  27. Petra Rutherford Says:

    Long black train- josh Turner. Heart of Dixie -Danielle Bradberry

  28. Lynn donovan Says:

    Long black train his voice I’m that song is amazing

  29. Michael Knoop Says:

    Long Black Train

  30. Craig Says:

    Your Man_ Josh Turner

    I want to take my wife for her birthday, she loves Josh Turner and Danielle Bradbery.

  31. Laura Fransen Says:

    Long Black Train. Love his voice

  32. Hannah Powell Says:

    Will you go with me- Josh Turner 🙂

  33. Celena White Says:

    Time is love

  34. Judy Daniels Says:

    Would you go with me! Love that song!

  35. Brent Nelson Says:

    Why don’t we just dance! Josh Turner

  36. Ashley Says:

    Your man!

  37. Lisa L. Says:

    Would You Go With Me

  38. Ali Monley Says:

    Josh Turner – Why Don’t We Just Dance
    I just love Josh’s voice!!

    Danielle Bradbery- The Heart Dixie
    Danielle was who I voted for on The Voice!! She is amazing!

  39. Valerie Says:

    Wht don’t we just dance–Josh Tuner

  40. Cathie Says:

    Would you go with me – Josh Turner! Would LOVE to go to this concert!!

  41. Bev Dokken Says:

    Why don’t we just dance

  42. Justin Says:

    Would you go with me – josh turner

  43. sara jundt Says:

    Long black train. Josh!!!!

  44. Jo Ashley Says:

    Long Black Train

  45. Brittany Says:

    I love Josh Turner’s song- Would you go with me? 🙂

  46. Molly Says:

    Would you go with me!

  47. Bonnie Flook Says:

    Heart of Dixie!!!!

  48. Kelsie Says:

    Your man!!!!

  49. Paul Bilusack Says:

    Josh Turner – Time Is Love

  50. Dani Lahti Says:

    Time is love! Fiancé and I’s favorite! ♡

  51. Jessica Mickelson Says:

    Time is love….

  52. Mike mccloud Says:

    The heart of Dixie Danielle Bradbury

  53. Erin Says:

    Why don’t we just dance! Love Josh Turner!

  54. Tyler Says:

    Your man- Josh Turner

  55. Tonya harden Says:

    Your man!!! Hubby’s favorite!

  56. stephanie jensen Says:

    Why don’t we just dance!?

  57. Amber mack Says:

    time is love 🙂

  58. Rita Streifel Says:

    Would You Go With Me Josh Turner

  59. Heather Mathews Says:

    Long Black Train

  60. julie clark Says:

    why don’t we just dance

  61. Jennifer Gwyn Says:

    Long Black Train

  62. Marjorie Eisenzimmer Says:

    My sister passed away she loved him we played his music at her funeral ;and I voted for her; 2 good ones for the price of 1 🙂

  63. Haili Duchscherer Says:

    Time is love
    daughter of a working man

  64. Josh Waite Says:

    Your Man – Josh Turner!

  65. Amber Uskiewicz Says:

    I have always loved the song “Long Black Train” by Josh Turner

  66. Jon Whalen Says:

    Long black train

  67. Amy Davis Says:

    Why don’t we just dance 🙂 I’d love to see Josh Turner and take my boyfriend to the hostfest to experience the Norwegian Heritage.

  68. Tracy Ulland Says:

    Long black train

  69. Sharon Anderson Says:

    Long Black Train – Josh Turner

  70. Lowell Says:

    Long Black Train is my favorite but all his music is excellent!!!

  71. Andrea Swenson Says:

    Long Black Train.

  72. Margie Chamberlin Says:

    Love Josh Turner & “Your Man”

  73. Amanda Says:

    Josh Turner – Why Don’t We Just Dance

  74. Jackie Says:

    Josh Turner Would you go with me has always been one of my favorite songs because it reminds me of my first real relationship in high school, and a lot of good times.

  75. Brittany Says:

    I really like Danielle Bradbery’s – Young in America:)

  76. Cassie Says:


  77. Rebecca Says:


    This would be an AWESOME birthday present for my husband!!

  78. Heidi F Says:

    Long Black Train-Josh Turner

  79. Resa Says:

    Josh Turner’s Time is love!!

  80. Nickey I. Says:

    Your man!

  81. Connie Says:


  82. Katie Says:

    “Would you go with me?” is my absolute favorite but I just love his voice so it doesn’t matter what he sings!!

  83. Laura Fransen Says:

    would you go with me

  84. Kristy Says:


  85. Kirsten Kitchens Says:

    would you go with me? josh turner!! Love his music

  86. Evelyn Hooley Says:

    I love all of their songs! This will be my first year attending the Hostfest; my daughter and her husband have lived up there for 5 years now and has begged me to make it up there during this time of year so we could go together. But the last few times we’ve been up there to visit, we were either helping her tear down her flooded home or helping her and her husband rebuild it, so there wasn’t the time. Can’t wait to go this year and make good memories.

  87. Heather Sevland Says:

    Your Man!

  88. Rebecca Says:

    The Heart of Dixie 🙂

  89. Matt McCasson Says:

    Just moved to Minot and think it is great how many things there are to do! Looking forward to learning a little about the heritage of the area! Would LOVE to top it off with a night out to see this awesome concert!

    Long Black Train-Josh Turner

  90. Samantha Lundy Says:

    Why don’t we just dance!

  91. Jerri Keith Says:

    Long Black Train… my fav

  92. Krista Johnson Says:


  93. Kelly vigness Says:

    Heart of dixie

  94. Danette Says:

    Josh Turner-Long Black Train and Why Don’t We Just Dance
    Danielle Bradbery-Young In America

  95. Wanda Olaf Says:

    Long Black Train

  96. Annette K Says:

    Josh Turner’s ‘ why don’t we just dance?.
    Love, love, love this song

  97. Megan R Says:

    Why don’t we just dance!

  98. Lois Says:

    Why don’t we just dance

  99. Madison S Says:

    Firecracker & Heart of Dixie!!!<3

  100. Lisa Phillips Says:

    Would you go with me, Josh Turner. I am spending my honeymoon in Minot.

  101. Debbie Jensen Says:

    i would love and go see Josh Turner at Norsk Hostf. I have never been to the Norsk Hostf. So please pick me

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