Shop & Stay in Minot this Black Friday

November 18, 2014

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The day after U.S. Thanksgiving (better known asย Black Friday) is the official kick off of holiday shopping! This year, we invite you to stay, shop and dine with us in Minot, ND!

Welcome to the Hampton Inn Minot Airport!

In addition to all the shopping deals around town and the fun events like the Downtown Christmas Open House, we’ve got the ultimate stay and play package to giveaway toย one lucky blog reader! We’ve got a room for Friday evening at the Hampton Inn & Suites as well as shopping gift cards to various businesses in Downtown Minotย including Gourmet Chef, Cookies For You, Olivers Attic, Sweet & Flour, Rick’s Jewelry and YogifyU!

Downtown Minot

For a chance to win, leave a comment below letting us know who you plan to shop for in Minot! A winner will be selected and notified (via e-mail) on Monday, November 24th.

UPDATE: Congrats to our blog winner, Bev!

To discover all that’s happening in Minot be sure to also check our calendar of events here.

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135 Responses to “Shop & Stay in Minot this Black Friday”

  1. Trevor B. Says:

    I would shop for my mom at Gourmet Chef because she loves to cook. I would also shop for the rest of my family because they’re really nice.

  2. Candace Lockhart Says:

    I plan to shop in Minot!

  3. Lana Says:

    I would shop for me! And I suppose for my hubby and kids to…but mostly for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Sylvia Provenski Says:

    I love shopping and eating in Minot! Every time we drive up from Canada we find another new place to eat and shop! I love how Minot is growing!

  5. Paige Kingdon Says:

    I plan on shopping for my one and only daughter. Love shopping in the states for her.

  6. Christy Hook Says:

    I will be shopping for my parents and daughter!

  7. Corey pennycook Says:

    I plan to shop for my family in Minot ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. PATSY Says:


  9. John horstman Says:

    Plan to shop for two daughters, a son in law and my wife.

  10. Joedy Wallin Says:

    I plan to shop for my family, my friends and maybe ….. just maybe….myself in Minot!!

  11. Linda Towler Says:

    All our family – my spouse, along with three children and their spouses, and most importantly – eight grandchildren!!!

  12. Ashley N Says:

    Everywhere! So excited to see what Minot has to offer on the big shopping day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Judy Helfrick Says:

    I plan on looking for something not available in Regina. Last trip there resulted in me locating toys for the grandchildren that we had not seen here. It made for a fun time at Christmas.

  14. Tracy Faith Says:

    I plan on shopping for my two sons and husband. My oldest son is coming home for Christmas and I want to get some decorations to make our home warm and festive. I am excited to have all my boys under one roof again and would like to make this holiday special

  15. Angela Says:

    I will be shopping for most of my friends and family.

  16. Donna fleck Says:

    My hubby and 11 grandchildren all need presents for Christmas

  17. Mitch Hesson Says:

    OMG a shopping trip on black Friday would be the greatest. Was just there 2 weeks ago but would come back in a heart beat….LOVE Minot!!…. Look out Visa if I win you will be maxed!!

  18. Karen Hildebrandt Says:

    I’d shop for my husband’s Christmas gift.

  19. Breanne Says:

    This would be fantastic as it’s my fifth anniversary!!!

  20. Melissa Jmaeff Says:

    My father in law is visiting from B.C. My husband and would bring him down for the adventures of Black Friday in Minot!

  21. Jim Bartley Says:

    I plan on shopping for my beautiful new wife and my two fabulous children.

  22. Deborah Clarke Says:

    Love Minot! I’ll be shopping for my husband and daughter and for my parents.

  23. Twyla Green Says:

    When I travel to Minot I need to shop for about 25 people. Haven’t even started my Xmas list

  24. Patti L Haus Says:

    D & S Bootery!

  25. Sara East Says:

    I plan to shop til I drop for everyone on my Christmas list! This includes my daughters (3 and 2 months), my parents, sisters, and maybe my husband…maybe.

  26. Kati Berry Says:


    My husband and I just arrived in Minot. He was stationed up here. Currently we’re trying to decorate our new house here, since it is so much larger than our last home. But Black Friday will be mostly spent shopping for Christmas gifts for our families in California and Arizona. True, we miss them, but Minot has been incredibly welcoming to us and we can’t thank this city enough for that.

  27. Tim Says:

    I would shop for my wife and 2 wonderful children. This would be a great prize to win , my family could enjoy a night in a hotel and I could get all my Christmas shopping done. Win win!!

    Thank you for this chance to enter

  28. Rhonda Loughren Says:

    I have the tough ones left to buy Christmas gifts for, my husband and eldest daughter

  29. Diane Janzen Says:

    Shop for grandchildren and for myself, household items and maybe a outfit or two. Been coming do Black Friday for quite a few years now

  30. Grace Kuntz Says:

    Would love to go to Minot shopping for xmas gifts, they always have such lovely things in the us to shop for!!!! Would also be very honoured if I got picked to stay at the Hampton Inns and suites, it is very beautiful!! Have a Merry Xmas!!!

  31. Alecia Antonyshen Says:

    I’d love to win! I plan to shop for all my family’s Christmas gifts and also shop for my 17month old daughter! I love shopping in Minot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Noreen Gillis Says:

    Love travelling to Minot. Looks like a lot downtown, too.

  33. Cara Says:

    Coming to shop for my family and new puppy!
    Can’t wait!!

  34. Carlo Palazzo Says:

    Definitely Gordmans

  35. Fay Says:

    What a great prize. I LOVE shopping in the US and never get to spend enough time in Minot. Bargains, deals, sales are my favourite and I have a lot of people to buy for, grandsons, 3 children, husband and friends hostess gifts, plus I need a few new outfits for the season. I would need to stay Saturday night too, on my own dime, if I won a Friday night accommodation!

  36. diane neufeld Says:

    I plan to shop for christmas gifts which include clothing and toys and baby gear

  37. Bev McDonald Says:

    I love shopping in Minot. We try to get there a couple of times per year. I have never been there for Black Friday, however, it would be so awesome. I would do Christmas shopping for my family. My daughter and I love to shop in all the great stores that Minot has to offer. The downtown Christmas Open House sounds like so much fun.

    Thank you for this chance to win!

  38. Shelley Webster Says:

    I would love to spend the weekend shopping for my grandkids

  39. Colleen VanCauwenberghe Says:

    I would love to shop for my husband and my daughter! And maybe even purchase a few things for me too!

  40. Les Says:

    I will shop for my wife and son and maybe a little for. I love Minot and the shopping there.

  41. Les Says:

    I will shop for my wife and son and maybe a little for me. I love Minot and the shopping there.

  42. Sandy O. Says:

    What a great prize!!!! Would love to shop in Minot.

  43. Sydney Says:

    Friends and family ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Melody Says:

    I would shop for everyone’s Christmas present in Minot. Minot is the perfect city to do all of your holiday shopping.

  45. Garnet Leib Says:

    I plan to shop in Minot for the whole family (16 in all)

  46. Brenda Halliday Says:

    I would shop for my beautiful mother and wonderful children and grandchildren.

  47. mitch Says:

    I would shop for my wife.

  48. Dianne Says:

    My Grandkids

  49. Lisa Says:

    I would shop for my kids!! Love shopping Minot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Alison Thievin Says:

    Minot is my fav place to go shopping! I will be shopping for everyone on my Christmas list, but mainly my kids ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Sara Says:

    I plan to shop for my Dad, he is such a hard person to buy for but I am sure with all of the options in Minot I can find something for him no problem! ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Rick Bender Says:

    I would shop for family and friends.

  53. Kathy Vodden Says:

    Always love to get some Christmas shopping done in Minot. Lots of great stores and places to eat. I shop for everyone on my Xmas list there!

  54. Brenda Says:

    I love shopping in Minot for my grand daughters

  55. Anita G Stade Says:

    I would shop for the whole family! Love Minot!

  56. annette boutin Says:

    I Plan on Shopping for My Entire Family which includes husband, 3 Children 2 in-laws, 4 Grandchildren and me!!! We All Love Shopping in Minot!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Pam Says:

    We love driving down to Minot for a weekend getaway! This year I need to shop for the kids, of course!

  58. Danielle Says:

    I would shop for both my grandma and mom. Hopefully take mom with me being we love taking a trip to Minot for shopping!

  59. Nancy Biglieni Says:

    I have been wanting to come to Minot to shop for Xmas now for years, but since it is just my husband and I running our farm it is always hard to get away. The cattle markets are in great shape this fall since BSE struck our Country in 2003, and things are finally lining up so I can get away. I would be shopping for our grandchildren, children and for myself and husband. It would be just great to have a weekend away off the farm and to see what your city has to offer. Thanks for giving this opportunity to some lucky winner.

  60. Carmen Says:

    I will be shopping in Minot for my daughters!

  61. Debbie Klym Says:

    I would shop for my three adorable grandkids! I always shop for them in Minot! Love the place!

  62. Theresa Says:

    I plan on shopping for my whole family on Black Friday! I travel to Estevan; from southwest Sask.; every year before Black Friday. I then meet up with my sister and we head to Minot to shop. It’s our sister trip of the year!

  63. Juanita Unrau Says:

    I love coming to Minot from Canada to shop. I always try to pick up something for my mom and dad whenever I am away as they are the best parents I could wish for!

  64. Karyn Says:

    Every time I come to Minot, I love to head downtown to the wonderful shops there! A big favourite is The Gourmet Chef. My children are grown and always enjoy the unique treasures I find in the Chef. I would be also looking for gifts for my mom, sister and friends.

  65. Shelley Van Meer Says:

    I am so looking forward to shopping for my Grandsons this year. Kids make it so much fun!!!

  66. Amber Says:

    I would try and get most of my holiday shopping done. Mostly for my parents.

  67. orie richard Says:

    the S.O., the family, “Hopper Fromdish”, and “Princess Lea”

  68. Trever Hughes Says:

    Would do all my xmas shopping in Minot! It has it all!

  69. Brad Smorodin Says:

    I plan on shopping at Menards for my wife and son. We are finishing our house and my son has just purchased his first home and needs everything. Love to shop in Minot, great stores and restaurants

  70. Paula Says:

    I plan to shop for my entire family in Minot. They have great shopping for tall folks as well as for Christmas presents for the extended family.

  71. Corrie Lewis Says:

    I love to Minot as a “getaway”. I would shop mostly for my daughter but my nieces might just get a few things as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Leah Forbes Says:

    we would love to come to Minot to shop for Christmas. We shopped for house renovations in Minot this summer, and totally enjoyed the experience! There is always more things needed (or wanted) for a newly decorated room. Christmas would be for my husband, 4 children, 4children-in-law, 4 grandchildren, 2 mothers-in-law, and a father-in-law. The Downtown Christmas Open House sounds like such a good time!

  73. Wayne Says:

    Wow would this be awesome.Love getting to Minot as they have great shopping venues and friendly staff to assist you.I would shop for my wife,two daughters and my son.Have a great holiday season everyone.

  74. JudyH Says:

    I would love to come to Minot with my daughter for a shopping spree! |I am positive that I would find everything and more that is on my four grandsons’ wish lists.

  75. Brett Carruthers Says:

    I’d be shopping for everyone. Mom and Dad, always so hard to buy for, brothers, friends. Not to mention myself haha. Can’t forget about treating yourself.

  76. Dana Routledge Says:

    LETS SHOP MINOT!!!! Have traveled across the border to shop there since I was a kid..THE BEST!!!This contest has girls get away….stamped all over it!!!

  77. Karen Says:

    Always great to check out all options when X-mas shopping!! Minot might be the right option!!

  78. Lori Denobw Says:

    I would shop for my family, and for myself! I keep a little list of “Minot Shopping”!!

  79. Maxine Rosloot Says:

    I would shop for my Husband because he is so wonderful ๐Ÿ˜‰

  80. Sabrina Says:

    I would love a shopping trip in Minot to finish off my Christmas shopping for my family.

  81. Sandra Says:

    4 of us gals coming to your city on Black Friday. Some serious shopping and fun to be had by all of us!!
    Can’t wait

  82. Sgangl Says:

    I would shop for everyone on my list..especially my 3 granddaughters as they are the most precious gifts that I have ever received and deserve lots of special and unique gifts.

  83. betty Says:

    One day is never enough in Minot. Would love to explore more of the shops downtown.

  84. Jamie McLeod Says:

    I will be shopping for my lovely wife & my wonderful daughter. Shopping,dining & staying in Minot ROCKS!!!!

  85. Joy Says:

    Perfect timing it would be really nice to get away for a shopping trip. I would likely do some Christmas shopping for the family and home. Thanks

  86. Terri Says:

    I would shop at all the wonderful businesses in Minot for all my family & friends on my Christmas list! I’ve never experienced Black Friday, but would love a chance to!

  87. Doug wasser Says:

    i would be shopping for my Daughter, son in law, 2 grandaughters and a few friends

  88. Morgan Says:

    I love to shop in Minot, and have friends and family to shop for!

  89. Diana Gamble Says:


  90. Cindy Says:

    If I win the ultimate stay and play package, I would shop for my husband, our children and our extended family. I would love a chance to go back to Minot and stay at the Hampton Inn and suites.

  91. Val d Says:

    I love Minot and would do all of my Christmas shopping for sure…such good prices and selection!

  92. JD Says:

    I plan to shop for my favorite person in the world, Debbie! Also, for my mom and family too because they are very special!
    I need to buy some cookies and milk for Santa as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love Minot! I love the way Minot loves us Canadians!!! You don’t get shopping and service like that in Canada! I also like flying from Minot airport because it is so much cheaper!!!

  93. Marla H Says:

    I would have great fun shopping for my two daughters. Last time we were in Minot, we went downtown and found all sorts of treasures there. Would love to go back!

  94. Lonnie Wolbaum Says:

    I would be shopping for our 7 grandchildren, our son and his wife, two daughters and their spouses

  95. Gloria Wolbaum Says:

    I will be shopping for myself, my husband, our 7 grandchildren, our son, two daughters and their spouses.

  96. Anna-May Zeviar Says:

    I will shop for my kids ๐Ÿ™‚ 5 & 7 years old… lovers of toys!

  97. TM Says:

    We will be shopping for everyone, including the puppy, enjoying the downtown with a variety of food and drink!

  98. Dawn R Says:

    I would shop for my kids and maybe get something special for my husband!

  99. Vanessa Says:

    I plan on shopping for all of my family on Black Friday. My sister, my daughter, her friend and I go every year and we shop just about everywhere. We shop til we drop, literally :)The biggest thrill is seeing all of the people and feeling the excitement of Christmas! We usually shop at all of the mall stores and then lots of stores not at the mall. I find I can make my dollar go so much farther on Black Friday! I would be so excited to win because I have never won anything ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  100. Mel Says:

    Shopping for my family . . . and myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love love love Gourmet Chef!

  101. Leanne Cobbledick Says:

    I would shop for myself. I’d be sure to get some Christmas presents for famiy and friends too!

  102. Jenny thompson Says:

    I will be shopping for my daughter and husband and of course my pets

  103. Marie Says:

    Minot is one of the best cities for shopping, for myself and family. There is always something new and exciting to see. Unique gifts for everyone, and extremely friendly people always willing to help you.

  104. pauline leippi Says:

    i love to shop at hobby lobby, and see all the sales they have.

  105. Linda Wotton Says:

    I absolutely love the shopping in Minot. It gets better every year. I have been travelling to Minot from Manitoba since I was young and love the experience. I am now a Grandmother and would be shopping for all sorts of wonderful toys for my grandchildren for Christmas as well as clothing for my daugters.

  106. SUSAN HONE Says:

    My sister, daughters, Mom and I make a girls weekend of it and come to Black Friday every year from Regina, SK Lots of great stores and bargains. We do most of our Christmas shopping there and usually a little shopping for ourselves.

  107. Alison Swehla Says:

    I am heading to Minot with my mom, mother in law and sister in law. It is our first time coming for Black Friday shopping and we are very excited! We all have long shopping lists for Christmas presents for our family members and maybe a few items for ourself as well!

  108. Irene Edworthy Says:

    I am heading down to Minot to shop with my daughter and some of her in laws this year. We have never been Black Friday shopping are excited to see what deals we will find!

  109. Paula Richardson Says:

    Love to shop Minot! Have to start Christmas shopping!

  110. Angela P Says:

    I’ll be shopping for my best friend, who happens to be the love of my life!

  111. Marlene Says:

    Minot north Dakota is called the magic city
    with plenty of good shops.
    My family will be leaving Saskatchewan nov.27,2014
    For thanksgiving and Xmas shopping in Minot ND
    We will begin shopping for the
    Teenagers who have earned good grades this
    Past year
    Each one would receive a gift n most of all
    Remind them about the gift of giving
    During Xmas and also will purchase a gift
    N donate a gift for less fortunate
    Family .

  112. Leanne Says:

    I love the thrill you get rushing to the stores to get the best deals and staying up all night is absolutely ridiculous but Always find good deals so who needs sleep. I would love to come again to spread some Christmas cheer

  113. Jasmine Says:

    I would shop for me. Thankfully ive landed a place and its bare but its all I wanted for christmas so to dress it up would be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. Brad Says:

    I will be shopping for my wife of 25 years!

  115. Teresa Minty Says:

    I would shop for my Angels for the Angel tree in our community. I buy every year for 4 – 5 kids and love shopping for something special for them.

  116. Danielle Barrie Says:

    I actually go Christmas shopping in Minot every year even though I am Canadian. I seem to be able to find everything all in one place there, as well as great deals. I want to find something very nice for my parents this year I am a young adult just getting out of their safety net and I want to show how much I appreciate everything they’ve done for me.

  117. Nel Rasmussen Says:

    Downtown Minot is the best!

  118. Christina Says:

    We will be shopping for our 4 children.

  119. Tanya Says:

    I plan to shop for my nephews in Minot.

  120. Shannon Says:

    I would shop for my kids, my in laws and my mom at gourmet chef, and for my husband and friends.

  121. Therese Durston Says:

    My list is long. It would be great to shop in these new stores.

    Great website.

  122. Jenelle Says:

    My husband! We always find great things in Minot and enjoy spending time there.

  123. megan Says:

    How fun! I will be shopping for my grandma, inlaws, my parents, my nephews, my husband, and my kids!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. Eli Says:

    I will be shopping for my wife and son, and the rest of my family.

  125. Melina Says:

    I need to shop for my kids and my sister.

  126. Eli Says:

    I will be shopping for my family and friends.

  127. Peter Whiteman Says:

    I’m making a list, I’m checking it twice, I’m gonna buy something naughty, and something nice for my wife.

  128. Ruth Says:

    Shopping for family and friends!

  129. Alma Schneider Says:

    Will be shopping with my sister…always look forward to the Black Friday sales.This will be the 7th year that we have travelled from Saskatchewan.

  130. Sandra Says:

    I would shop for my family.

  131. Sandra Says:

    I would shop for my family & for myself.

  132. Michelle Says:

    I’ll be shopping for everyone on my list. Minot is an awesome city to get all my shopping done!

  133. Stephanie Says:

    I’ll be shopping for my Mom, Dad, sister-in-law and my brother! And perhaps myself a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. Marieke Says:

    I’ll be shopping for my kids and husband.

  135. Shawna kleven Says:

    Last minute shopping but more importantly to spend time with my family doing fun things in Minot!

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