Win Tickets to the Magic City Ribfest featuring Hairball & Kat Perkins!

Have you heard about the Magic City Ribfest?!

This Smokin’ Start to Summer, held at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds, will not only be featuring some delicious BBQ, but live music on the 4Bears Casino Stage nightly, including: Even5 on Thursday, June 18th, Hairball on Friday, June 19th and Kat Perkins, Saturday June 20th.

Looking to bring the entire family? Will a sandbox filled with 50 ton of sand and 10 giant bounce castles keep the kids busy while you enjoy your second…or even third helping of BBQ?

We want to bring you to Minot to experience our 1st EVER Magic City Ribfest! How does a two-night stay in a hotel and two season passes to Ribfest sound? This includes your daily admission for all 4-days of Ribfest, giving you access to all the BBQ, all the music, all the Minot you can handle! (The hotel nights will be valid only on Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th.)

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment on the blog – tell us what has got you the most excited for the Magic City Ribfest! 


UPDATE: Winners have been selected. Make sure to check your email to see if you were a lucky winner! Thank you for participating…hope to see you at Ribfest!

160 Responses to “Win Tickets to the Magic City Ribfest featuring Hairball & Kat Perkins!”

  1. Sheri Says:

    I think I am most excited about the yummy ribs! Hope to attend the Ribfest!! Please enter me in the contest!

  2. Tanis Chalmers Says:

    Sounds Yummy!

  3. Gail feser Says:

    Love minot!!

  4. J. E. Dickson Says:

    Fantastic BBQ in the Magic City of Minot…everything is to like!

  5. Mae and Dennis Says:

    The ribs, the music, the fun! Can’t wait to win, thanks

  6. Karen Says:

    The ribs!

  7. Roberta J Says:

    Our family always enjoys our stays in Minot because there is always so much to do. Especially love the summer fair and Norst Fest.

  8. warren Says:

    I am most excited about the BBQ!!!! I am going to eat tons, then sleep off the meat sweats, then eat some more!

  9. Heather Denolf Says:

    A weekend away from home?
    Two nights in a Minot Hotel?
    Two passes to the Rib Fest?
    Live Music from Hairball and Kat Perkins?
    BBQ Ribs?

    How could we NOT to excited about Rib Fest????

  10. Rick shaw Says:

    Best ribs errvrr

  11. Carlo Says:

    Easy, reading about all the food that will be there has my mouth drooling!

  12. Jason Nicurity Says:

    Good old American barbecue!!

  13. Peter Gerlinger Says:

    Great moments are born from great opportunities…..that’s what we have here tonight boys (at Ribfest)……. that’s what we’ve earned here!!!

  14. Sheri Robb Says:

    I am from out of the area, and have never heard about the Ribfest before,
    sound like a blast!

  15. William John Says:

    Sounds deliouse

  16. Dianne Says:

    Would love to come visit

  17. Rhonda Loughren Says:

    would love to get away from: making my bed & cooking!

  18. Kevin Says:

    Who don’t love BBQ ??? Sounds like a very delish time !!!
    Hope I win!!!!!

  19. Christy Hook Says:

    The food has me most excited!!

  20. Randi Morton Says:

    I would say a get away and great food would be the highlights!

  21. Krystin Says:

    Can adults use the bouncy castles?? If so that’s what I’m most excited for!! Haha

  22. Dave Bahsler Says:

    This sounds like a great event! Free tickets would be a super birthday present, a fun weekend away, and a great start to summer.

  23. Heathe Says:

    The Joy of doing something new and exciting!

  24. Carrie Says:

    Can’t wait to hear the entertainment!,

  25. Jennifer Says:

    Mmmmmm ribs sounds like a good day to me where ribs ate involved!!!

  26. B.W. Carlisle Says:

    We enjoy visiting Minot several times each year (we live in Manitoba). Very interested to hear of the “Ribfest” and would like to attend! Thanx! B.W.

  27. melanie beard Says:

    I have never been to the Ribfest and it looks very interesting. The entertainment sounds wonderful.

  28. Brenda H. Says:

    Thanks for this chance to win! My hubby will be most excited about the BBQ, and I just need to get away for a FUN weekend!

  29. Tim Says:

    The greatest thing about Ribfest is the music , great food , and doing a little shopping at the great stores in Minot. If I win 2 nights accommodations it would even be better.

    Thank you from your Canadian friend

  30. Glenda Hoffart Says:

    GREAT food, GREAT Music, AWSOME people and lots of fun!!!

  31. E. Dickson Says:

    Music in Minot in the summer…complimented with ribs and company…best thing!

  32. Colleen Says:

    My husband loves ribs and good music. This would be a great Father’s Day gift. Thank you for putting on a wonderful event in Minot.

  33. Tara Says:

    Would love to see Hairball and Kat!!
    Sounds like a great time.

  34. Brandon Kerr Says:

    I am definately most excited about the BBQ nothing better than BBQ’ed food.

  35. kyle m Says:

    never been to rib fest
    if I won 2 free night

  36. Judy & Dale lidster Says:

    Have been going to Minot since early 60’s mainly for the Minot Retriever club , retriever trials , one of the best events on the circuit. Not that long ago ,we found it difficult to get lodging, however many new places have opened . We are ready to come again , give us a reason…

  37. Darr Says:

    Minot! Ribs! Great entertainment! What wouldn’t I be excited about?!!

  38. Karen Seiferling Says:

    My husband and I absolutely love going to Minot! Very fun place. The chance to go to the RibFest would just be an added adventure. Add live music to that and I’d be in heaven! Also while we are there we can stock up on Mr & Mrs T’s Bloody Mary Mix. We can’t get it where we live….lol
    Rib on! Rib on! Rib on!

  39. Tracy Faith Says:

    I am excited about Kat Perkins!

  40. Sheila Klyne Says:

    Would be awesome just to experience the whole weekend at rib fest

  41. gordon legge Says:

    never been to rib fest, had never heard of it until now but would like to be there and join in the festivities

  42. cindy tokar Says:

    Can’t wait to enjoy minot. Rib fest. Sounds fabulous. Incredible city wonderful ppl and ribs. Really!! Sounds to good to be true.

  43. Debbie Walker Says:

    I would love to attend Ribfest……….. love ribs soooooo much.Shopping
    in Minot rocks also.

  44. Anita Stade Says:

    You had me at “Ribs”.

  45. Linda Wotton Says:

    I love coming down to Minot to see our US friends and enjoying rib fest would seal the deal!

  46. dawn Says:

    We have been to Minot and love it. Many nice restaurants. But never had the pleasure of BBQ.
    This would be a great weekend get away, which hubby deserves. Father’s day would be extra special.. Even if it’s late lol

  47. Marieke Says:

    Looking forward to lots of fun for the whole family! 🙂

  48. Marilyn Says:

    Have not been to Minot in a few years and really look forward to visiting this summer. Got lots of great information at the Brandon Home Show in April.

  49. Shirley Paul Says:

    I absolutely Loooooooooove RIBS. !!!!!!

  50. Shirley Paul Says:

    I absolutely looooooooooooove ribs !!!!

  51. shaun Says:

    Lots of tasty rib good music and meeting new people

  52. Niamh Says:

    We have never been before and I think my family would love the experience. The family that eats ribs together stays together!!!!

  53. Charlene Runtz Says:

    I think what could be better than spending a smokin’ awesome weekend in Minot enjoying the best BBQ in the land while experiencing the smokin’ hot hospitality of Minot :)We love Minot <3

  54. Diane Says:

    Ma:)rk me down as being excited about the entire Ribfest!!!

  55. Lynda Demanski Says:

    Love visiting Minot. Shopping is great and do is the city. December 3 was my last day of treatment for breast cancer. So would REALLY love a couple nights away

  56. Megan Says:

    I am most excited to trytherins

  57. Megan Says:

    I am excited to try the ribs

  58. Diane Janzen Says:

    Love Minot!
    What a way to spend a couple of
    Nights away from home.
    It sure sounds like a lot of great family fun.
    Good food,music and spending time together.

  59. Doug Says:

    I’ve attended Rib Feast in past and is totally awesome weekend best Ribs in world and awesome entertainment.

  60. Daniele Says:

    Sounds delicious, my family would LOVE it!!

  61. Travis Says:

    This sounds unreal!

  62. Ron Says:

    I’m hungry already. Nothing like a good barbeque feed and then take in the excitement. This is a holiday to win.

  63. Laurie F Says:

    The ribs! Yummy!

  64. betty Says:

    Great music, great food and a place to stay. What could be better?

  65. rob Says:

    Can’t wait to check out the ribs and to spend some time in town….spending money?

  66. Sarah Says:

    Normally I would say it is all about the food but now that we have a little one who is recently walking, I think the sand box is as big of a draw as the ribs!!!

  67. Linda Says:

    I’m a rib freak and would love to drive to Minot just for a taste!

  68. Lee Adams Says:

    Sounds like a great time. Love good entertainment but the ribs will be the highlite.

  69. DarleneSytnick Says:

    My husband lives, eats and breaths ribs, ribs and more ribs. Myself I enjoy Minot and all it had to offer.

  70. Kevin Wall Says:

    Who wouldn’t be excited about a weekend in Minot with some yummy ribs! A great prize for whoever wins!

  71. Lorna Says:

    Endless ribs, giant bouncers, huge sandbox, live music, a nice hotel away from home? What is there not to be excited about? Oh, I hope I win! Please!

  72. Elaine K Says:

    Love Minot and who doesn’t love ribs???

  73. Lynda Says:

    I can hardly wait to taste, taste and taste those wonderful ribs !!!!

  74. Cari Speers Says:

    Sounds like lots of fun. As we always like to say “Why not, Minot??!!”

  75. Benjamin Says:

    Canada just doesn’t do BBQ like the USA. I would live to have my family come take in a good ole BBQ environment in North Dakota.

  76. Laura Says:

    Looking forward to the BBQ and bands

  77. Fay Says:

    Food, entertainment, shopping, hotel with pool, US hospitality, … doesn’t get much better. I love North Dakota!

  78. LARRY Says:


  79. Fran Folkerts Says:

    Sounds like an amazing time!! Good food and good music!!

  80. Charlene Says:

    I would enjoy just being away for the weekend the most! Also seeing my 4 year old in the big sand box!

  81. Tammi Brennan Says:

    Would love to go to Minot and eat ribs!!!

  82. Garnet Leib Says:

    Haven’t had good Ribs since my last trip to MINOT!

  83. Dianne Leib Says:

    Looking forward to Minot Ribs and shopping.

  84. Dave vatamaniuck Says:

    Love Minot and LOVE ribs!! Why not Minot…?

  85. Chris Says:

    looking forward to the ribs!!

  86. Ed Broome Says:

    I have been to the stock car races 4 times a year for the past five years except the one flooded season.I enjoy the shopping and many friendly people in Minot.Would love to win to help offset the dollar exchange.

  87. John Webber Says:

    Ribs and Music in Minot got to love that!!!

  88. Tina Says:

    Mmmmmm ribs!!

  89. Shelly-Anne McKay Says:

    What I am most excited about at the Magic City Ribfest is the live entertainment and the Ribs!!!

  90. L. Kirby Says:

    The opportunity to visit our neighbours to the south is always a welcome thing!

  91. Gail Says:

    Having my fill of my favourite thing! RIBS!

  92. Cal Says:

    RIBS and hotel sex? WOOHOO!!

  93. Trish Says:

    I think I am most excited to try some really good BBQ!! Never been to Minot and want to find out what all th fuss is about!

  94. Robert Komosky Says:

    Hmmm Ribilicious Ribs and so much to entertain the Family

  95. Marilyn Says:

    I love coming to Minot.. And I never stay over night , so to be able to stay 2 nights in a lovely hotel And have the opportunity to Experience all those ribs, PLUS enjoy the entertainment!!
    I never win anything, but I am crossing my fingers

  96. George Says:

    That sounds like an amazing weekend please enter me in the contest

  97. MEGAN Says:

    2 free nights


  98. Debbie Says:


  99. debbie charlton Says:

    BBQ !

  100. Deb Owens Says:

    Sounds Great!!!

  101. Tricia Says:


  102. Fran Folkerts Says:

    Sounds like an awesome time to be had in Minot!!

  103. susan genaille Says:

    Our Canadian family love to go to Minot as it is so friendly, the people are very informational on telling us where to go for great sites, shopping and eating! It is a clean and brightly lit city with lots to see and do. Please consider us for this prize.

  104. Marnie Says:


  105. Glen S Says:

    Looking forward to some good eatin’!!! Yummy ribs!!

  106. Rick Says:

    Minot is always a home run

  107. cookie Says:

    Love Minot and who doesn’t???

  108. Connie Thomas Says:

    I love Minot. My husband and I enjoy visiting this beautiful city. I would love to win the weekend of the Magic City Ribfest. We have never been to one sounds amazing we love ribs. Your city always has amazing events we have met so many wonderful people in your city. We would be honoured if you picked us for the beautiful weekend and help celebrate the Rib Fest . Minot is a great place to spend a great time !!!! Can’t wait as said be honoured as never been to an event it would be special. Thanks.

  109. Angela M Says:

    LOVE Minot and hubby loves ribs , so can’t be a better combo !!!!!!!!!!

  110. Cindy N Says:

    I would love to bring my husband for the ribs……of course we would do some shopping too 🙂

  111. natalie Says:

    I have never heard of the Rib fest but it sounds absolutely delicious. Would love to taste it!!

  112. Kit Peterson Says:

    I have been traveling to Minot since 1975 to play handball. Minot just feels like home to me!

  113. Teresa Minty Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun for the whole family. I love ribs!

  114. Brad Smorodin Says:

    Ribs are my favorite and couldn’t think of a better place to eat them than the Minot rib fest

  115. Lynn Sanya Says:

    Oh the ribs! We love BBQ ribs – and the music is a close second…

  116. Barb Says:

    Would love a trip to Minot and a good feed of ribs!

  117. Heather Parker Says:

    I am most excited to spend a family weekend in a great city. Good good and fun. Time to relax and enjoy a little more of ND.

  118. Ashley Says:

    This is such a cool idea!!!! Alain, my wedding anniversary is the 20th so what a fantastic way to celebrate! I love ribs and I love Minot!

  119. Melanie Says:

    The whole weekend sounds great! We love Bbq at our house so the ribs sound great!

  120. Jody Says:

    WHY NOT MINOT??? I have been going to Minot since I was a young kid, and it still is one of my favorite weekend getaways – add in summer, music and Rib Fest and who could resist? The Magical City still holds magic for me!!!

  121. Wendy Says:

    Ribs, ribs and more ribs….need I say more!!

  122. Traci Gaucher Says:

    Didn’t know you were having a rib fest!! Sounds exciting. Love ribs and all the fixins. Since I am from north of the boarder, this would be a great excuse to come on down and enjoy the Magic City!!

  123. Pat C Says:

    WOW!!!!ribs , bouncers , and sand plus hotel. GREAT!

  124. Val Wray Says:

    Great food and great entertainment. How could you ask for more

  125. Sandi Says:

    For sure the ribs – and the hospitality of our southern neighbors. Always a good time

  126. Shannon Says:

    I always love a new adventure and this sounds perfect. Besides I also love ribs and music!

  127. Jackie Says:

    Seeing all the bands,good food,and being on a vacation with my husband and daughter.

  128. Kathy Abel Says:

    Too long since our last visit to Minot, and RIBS are my FAVOURITE!

  129. Rhiannon Kircher Says:

    Because nothing beats summer sun, food, and music!

  130. Jan Says:

    Sounds like a lip smacking,finger licking good time!!!

  131. Pat Shields Says:

    Ribs! Would love to visit your city to see what it’s all about!

  132. Anna Says:

    BQ ribs …..I’m in for sure

  133. Bernadette Says:

    YUMMY!!!!! Love Minot!

  134. Bernadette Says:

    Love Minot and love ribs!!!

  135. Marianne Neustaeter Says:

    Love minot

  136. annette boutin Says:

    The ribs, the Hotel Rooms, The Shows, Is there anywhere else a person would rather be? No!!!!!!!!!! No other place than Minot because Minot is the Best and most Fun Place to have a GREAT TIME!! 🙂

  137. Florence Anderson Says:

    Sounds exciting , there something for everyone. Sand castles and music memories can be made to share with family and friends.I really love to check this out.

  138. marlin roske Says:

    I am glad to find the rumors of Minot folks damaging vehicles and verbally abusing people from Saskatchewan has been straightened out by the Visit Minot and Tourism Minot. I was a frequent visitor to Minot and now feel welcome to revisit Minot (Have been visiting Bismarck).

  139. Barb Says:

    I just love Minot, pls enter me in the contest.

  140. Alison Says:

    Live music, ribs and a bouncy house – yes please!!!

  141. Wanda Klotz Says:

    My husband loves bbq ribs. We have been talking about going state side lately. This would be a great get-a-way.

  142. jean langston Says:

    love coming to Minot , did not know you had a rib festival , it would be great to win we love ribs and Minot

  143. Greg Lawrence Says:

    It has been a couple of years since being in Minot so munching out on BBQ ribs for 2 days will be awesome!

  144. Blaine Herperger Says:

    Always like visiting Minot. Great idea to have the Magic Rib Fest over 4 days. Love to win.

  145. shelley Says:

    This is my husbands 60th birthday on June 19th and I would love to tell him we have a free weekend in Minot, as we go their 3 or 4 times a year. Love the shopping and entertainment. Also the RIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Sabrina Says:

    Tasty BBQ!

  147. James Says:

    Excellent Promotion! Even more incentive to visit “Magic Minot”

  148. Dianne in Saskatchewan Says:

    I adore Minot, especially for shopping, and attending a huuuggeeeee BBQ sounds like an absolute blast!

  149. Glen Forbes Says:

    Ribs are our absolute favorite along with our favorite city, priceless

  150. John G Says:

    Great food, yummy ribs.

  151. Ryan Says:

    Are you kidding a giant sand box and ribs? How can you go wrong!

  152. Tracy Hannant Says:

    Would love to check it out for the first time!! My family would love the food (and the weekend getaway!!)

  153. Dale Keating Says:

    I like to try various methods
    sounds like a winning idea
    enter me in the contest

  154. LJ Says:


  155. L G Jerry Sayer Says:

    Sounds great to us…… finger lickin’ ribs … super music and we would also like to get in a round of golf etc..

  156. Keith Parry Says:

    It’s all about the BBQ! Finger licking good fun!

  157. Melissa Says:

    Love Minot! What a great contest

  158. Iris Says:

    Sounds wonderful!!!! Please enter me — can’t wait to hear from you, contacting me to tell me I won!!! Thanks!!!!

  159. Becky Says:

    Music, food, and friends!

  160. Katie Says:

    I’m excited for the ribs and of course kat Perkins!!

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